The Fixed Rear Bicycle Trap Basket

Made completely from lobster trap components, the Fixed Rear Bicycle Trap Basket has the appearance of a small lobster trap but is made to haul cargo on a bicycle. 

The basket is lightweight yet rugged. After all - the components are made for the ocean floor.


Choose from two types of Fixed Rear Bicycle Trap Baskets:

  • Without Barnacles (all new materials): Trap wire is galvanized steel with PVC coating, bound together with highly-durable aluminum and stainless steel fasteners.
  • With Barnacles (some recycled materials)*: Includes recycled components from lobster traps. Component composition and colors may vary, depending on availability.

All Fixed Rear Bicycle Trap Baskets have the following features:

  • Bungee cords keeps your cargo secure while riding.
  • Internal cargo area measures 13.5" wide x 10.5" deep x 9" high.
  • Weight: 4 pounds.
Want to see how to attach the Fixed Rear Bicycle Trap Basket? Take a look at the Fixed Trap Basket Installation instructions.
* Only materials that are in good condition are recycled. The traps were either donated to or purchased by Kettle Cove Enterprises LLC.

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