About Us

Our Story - A message from Jim

I'm a mechanical engineer, avid bicyclist, and lobsterman on the beautiful coast of southern Maine.  The idea for the Trap Basket came to me one day in 2013 after commuting home from work on my bike. I sometimes need to carry things when commuting and running errands, and my backpack is not always the best method. I've seen people using different types of bike baskets, but the ones I'd seen are permanently mounted to the bike.  I've also seen fabric bags that can be removed from the racks, but they didn't seem large enough to hold a significant amount of cargo.  I figured if I used my lobster trap materials to make a basket, and also came up with a way to easily remove it from the rack - well, that's the best of both worlds.

After many versions and lots of road testing, the end result is the Trap Basket!  It's rugged and simple to use.  I make them right here in Maine, using materials from Maine and New England. The Trap Basket - It's a way to have a piece of Maine with you, wherever you are. I know you'll enjoy it! 

-Jim Huebener

Jim hauling traps in Kettle Cove and admiring his catch.